A New Jersey Reader Predicts Little Democratic Appetite For Amnesty Fight After The Obamacare Dust Up
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From:  J. Richard Bert (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Two For The Price Of One! Obamacare And Amnesty Will Die Together

If Obamacare should ultimately pass, it will only happen after a long, bruising battle that will leave the Democrats will little appetite for another, more contentious fight over amnesty.

And should Obamacare fail, as now appears possible, then the Democrats would fear total emasculation if it were to take on amnesty and lose, as would be probable.

The distinction that the Democrats need to focus on is that Americans do indeed want health care. We just don't want this version of it.

We do not, however, want amnesty in any shape or form.

Bert is a retired executive from a Fortune 500 company. His previous letters about what he views as amnesty's remote chances during Barack Obama's first term, Governor Jon Corzine's moral turpitude and how the Republicans could have defeated Sonia Sotomayor are here, here and here.

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