A Minnesota Reader Wonders Why The Politically Correct December Ramadan Celebration? It Ended In September!
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From: Ronald Kyser (e-mail him)

Re: Patrick Cleburne's Blog: War Against Christmas 2008: A Christmas Eve Report

Did you notice the anachronism in Cleburne's Christmas Eve report

Fort Collins put on a Ramadan display at Christmas, when this year that particular month on the Muslim calendar ended way back around Michaelmas, i.e., in September!

The next decade is going to be painful for Northern Hemisphere Muslims when Ramadan will include Midsummer (2015-2017).  Those in Finland, for example, will have only a two- or three-hour window in which to eat.

And, according to this, Ramadan will not include Christmas again until 2031.

Kyser claims—and we believe him—that he has read every word of each VDARE.COM columnist since the website first hit the Internet. His previous letters and articles are archived here.

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