A Military Reader Asks: Why Can’t Third-Worlders, Having Achieved Independence At Great Cost, Stay Home And Enjoy It?
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Re: Brenda Walker’s Blog post Burqa Riot Afflicts Paris Suburb

From: "Spirit of the Fighting 69th" (e-mail him)

Aside from deliberately misnaming the Muslim rioters as “youths,” the MSM ignores the contradiction of their presence in Western societies. These people all come from places—I hesitate to say nations—that demanded and fought for and got independence from their respective colonial powers.

Having accomplished their goal, they then decide that life at home isn't so great without Europeans running the place, decamp to Europe or America, then demand the same rubbish society they just left. 

Worse than the Muslim and Third World hypocrisy is the hypocrisy and cowardice of European and American governments that censor their own citizens while doing the kow-tow to the invaders—protecting and celebrating Third  World drivel while demeaning their own civilization.

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