A Midwestern Reader Reports An Anti-Sikh Hate Crime That Will Lead To No National Dialogue Whatsoever—Because It Was (Allegedly) Committed By A Black Teenager
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RE: Peter Brimelow’s article: Wade Michael Page And The “Root Causes” Of The Sikh Temple Shootings

 From: A Reader In the Midwest [Email him]

A 56 years old male shot and killed during robbery in Milwaukee on Wednesday, was identified as Dalbir Singh. He attended the same temple where the massacre occurred.

DeAngelo Williams has been charged with first-degree reckless homicide and possession of a firearm by a felon. If Obama had a son, he might look like him.

Where is the media outrage? Where is Eric Holder? Will Michelle Obama visit Dalbir Singh’s family?

James Fulford writes: In the aftermath of the almost unheard of man-bites-dog hate crime committed by white racist Wade Michael Page, we heard that Congressmen had already been looking into crimes against Sikhs.

They were talking about exactly this—Sikhs are immigrant storekeepers and gas station owners. These occupations bring them into contact with lower-class blacks, whose xenophobia goes far, far, far beyond anything ever expressed by the VDARE.com editorial collective.

The murder charge against DeAngelo Williams is reported Derica Williams on Fox News Milwaukee:

The criminal complaint against Williams says he confronted Singh and waved a gun at him. Singh and his nephew, Jatinder Singh, ran inside the store, slammed the door and tried to keep it shut to prevent Williams from getting in. 

The complaint indicates that as the Singhs were holding the door, “there was a gunshot from outside the door that penetrated the door and hit Dalbir Singh in the forehead.”

Jatinder Singh told police Williams had been in the store just prior to the shooting. 

Deangelo Williams charged in murder of Dalbir Singh

Posted on: 3:23 pm, August 17, 2012, by Derica Williams, updated on: 06:37am, August 18, 2012

Derica Williams [Email her] feels no need to identify the race of the (alleged) teenage shooter, and most stories about him call him a "teen." However, Harmony Foods, where the late Dalbir Singh works, is in a bad area. Everyone there is black. See video here.  [Map Link]

I Googled the address of the store where the  shooting occurred, and this is what the Google Street View van saw when it passed.

Black Teenagers Hanging Out On The Steps Of Harmony Foods  View Larger Map

I bet the Google employees  had their doors locked.

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