A Midwest Reader Has Doubts About Sun Worshipers
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August 17, 2005

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Re: Joe Guzzardi's column "California On The 'Wrong Track'—But Why?"

Philip Earvolino writes from Chicago, Illinois:

This will sound glib, but I assure you I propose it with sober countenance. 

When the history of the United States (past tense) is written—and that may be sooner than most realize—do you think that perhaps one of the signs of decay will be the migration of Americans to bright and sunny climes? 

I think to what the early Americans had to deal with, whether the Puritans in New England, or the pioneers of the Plain States, and what strikes me is how hard they must have been to endure the winters, as well as the summers. 

In this century, we have seen a frightfully large number of Americans move so as to maximize their tanning time and avoid the horrors of driveway shoveling. 

I don't know, but if I were to pick perfect neighbors, they wouldn't be found amongst people with those priorities. 

So, to put it bluntly:  have you considered that, say, Florida and California are the way they are because of the kind of people they have attracted? 

I haven't seen this proposed anywhere, but it ought not to be dismissed so cavalierly. 

If I were forced to find the natural hunting ground of Americans with misplaced priorities, I think I would know where to start.

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