A Michigan Reader Thanks Us, Reports Academic Abuse In Grad School
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From: An Anonymous Michigan Reader [Email him]

Firstly, thanks for your articles.  Consistently first-rate.

With today's H1-B news, I just don't know if I can take it anymore.  I do a bit of volunteer work with international students, including those in STEM programs.  The idea of handing out green cards to each of them upon graduation is, literally, insane.  Students currently in accounting, business, and even "softer" majors would immediately switch to the easiest qualifying STEM program JUST FOR THE GREEN CARD.   Then, upon graduation, they'd be out there with everyone else—just trying to find a decent job.  ANY decent job.

This doesn't even touch the issue of American universities ramping up more programs and slots in qualifying fields just to get more international students in the door.

Of course, the pure insanity of "family reunification" immigration isn't even touched by this latest myopic idea.

I've called for LEGAL immigration reform since the second semester of my freshman year.  In high school.  In grad school in 1993, I received an unthinkable C+ on a term paper because I suggested lower levels of legal immigration.  I'll never forget what the professor wrote on my paper:  "Sounds like Hitler!"  My paper never mentioned race or ethnicity.  My maternal grandfather fought the Nazis, in combat, in Europe, and was wounded.  Yet for suggesting a sane immigration policy a full professor at the University of Michigan insulted me in the worst possible way?

What I'm saying is I don't know if I can deal with my nation's immigration insanity much longer.  Our "leadership" clearly wants it, and more of it, and for it to never stop.  Perhaps it's time we just throw up our hands and accept our children and grandchildren will inherit a nation much more like Brazil than the America we know and love?

Thanks for letting me vent, and for your courage.  If I didn't have kids to support I wouldn't be bothered with anonymity.  I hope you understand.

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