A Maryland Reader Notes A Court Triumph For Immigration Patriot Walter Abbott
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From: Paul Mendez (e-mail him)

Patriots may have lost the first round in Arizona but here's an encouraging update on the Walter Abbott court case that Joe Guzzardi first reported in 2008.  

Abbott is the Baltimore drywall hanger put out of business by illegal aliens. Frustrated by Governor Martin O'Malley's continued pandering to aliens, Abbott posted an ill-advised comment on the official state website. Three Maryland state troopers promptly arrested Abbott who was then jailed and held on $2 million bail.

After Abbott rejected a plea agreement that would have put him on six months probation, he went to court where the judge sentenced him to six months suspended and two years probation for threatening a public official.

Undeterred, Abbott appealed and won. His new trial will be on October 13th.

Mendez, a member of Help Save Maryland, wrote previously about Abbott here and here. Send encouraging words to Walter here. 

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