A Louisiana Reader Asks "Racist" VDARE.COM To Give Poor People A Chance
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06/08/07 - A California Reader Wonders When Major League Baseball Will Lobby Congress For More Non-Immigrant Visas For Foreign Players

From: Ilze Choi [e-mail]

It's sickening to find your racist web page with such hate-mongering articles with titles including the words "Occupied America" and the scare tactic column about minority births

Are Mexican soldiers camped out all over the world?  If the US were occupied, would there be round ups of Hispanics just as there were of Indians according to the Indian Removal Act?

And, there are millions of immigrants from abroad, some more dangerous that a Mexican or Central Americans working their b**** off.  Why no mention of keeping tabs on those who over-stay their visas

The desperately poor people from the southern states of Mexico, such as Chiapas and Guerrero and the Central Americans and Guatemalans are here because we were over there with our proxy armies, supporting brutal oligarchs who did not care a damn about their people.  

Give the victims of U.S. military power the chance at the impossibly hard road to citizenship. Then demand that our country stop its covert and  overt ownership of Latin America.

Choi is a legal immigrant from Latvia.

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