A Gay Reader Has A Tantrum About Allan Wall
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Re: Allan Wall's article Don’t Expect “Hispanic Family Values” To Counter Gay Agenda

From: Craig Chilton [Email him]

LIE#1—Right in the article's title!! Don’t Expect “Hispanic Family Values” To Counter Gay Agenda

The gays don't have an "agenda". Any more than the blacks did in Civil Rights Movement I.

This is Civil Rights Movement II. Just as it was with the blacks, the gays seek nothing more than the END of hateful and irrational discrimination on the part of ignorant bigots. And FULL access, across the board, to ALL of the rights that are accorded to straights. That's NOT "an agenda." That is the FAIRNESS that *never* should have been denied to them!

Wall: "In the United States, ‘gay marriage’ is now the law of the land in 6 states. Just last month, New York legalized it. As usual, the Republicans, who control the New York Senate, caved and made it all possible".

LIE #2—NO N.Y. State Senators "caved." To anything.

ALL of the Republican Senators continued to be gutless and or bigoted jerks. EXCEPT for the FOUR **fair** ones who were HEROIC enough to vote to END the *exclusion* of same-sex marriage from gay couples.

Wall: "In 31 American states, gay marriage has been voted down in referendums; not once has it prevailed."

THAT will *change*! VERY *SOON*! All of America just saw the FAIRNESS that took place in N.Y. State, the EXUBERANCE with which it was received and celebrated, and at this point, Americans have PASSED the tipping point and the MAJORITY of them now SUPPORT Marriage Equality. Americans are FAST learning how badly they have been DUPED by the LYING propaganda and scare tactics that were spewed by the RRR & LDS hate-cults—and now are REJECTING it! Those hate-agendas will soon be as EXTINCT as the equally-loathsome ones of the segregationists!

See: [my website]

Wall: "Yet it just doesn't seem to matter as the FAIRNESS [VDARE.com note: Allan Wall had written "the gay marriage movement”] bulldozes forward.

Wall: "No doubt some VDARE.com readers will approve. But Conservatives and Christians (I am both) do not.

You are NO Christian, as you have proven over and over again in this TRASH-piece that you wrote, Allan

See [my website.]

Wall: "Some have looked hopefully south of the border. After all, aren't Mexicans socially conservative? Wouldn't more Hispanic voters help Americans fight this sort of thing

“Don't count on it. Most Latino voters are more likely to vote for a political party providing them with benefits than to vote for a party on moral principles."

REALLY?!? Have you not NOTICED, Allan, that same-sex Marriage is LEGAL in MEXICO CITY? And do you think that ARGENTINA isn't "Latino?" Marriage Equality is the law of the land for that ENTIRE nation

Obviously, the Latinos are far MORE moral than you thought they were!!

Wall: "Besides—as Steve Sailer recently noted—the gay movement is already very strong in Mexico, and getting stronger"

Bigots ALWAYS ultimately lose. No FACTS even EXIST that support their hate-agendas. Bigots are the world's biggest FOOLS

Wall: "Mexico City now has gay marriage’. And it's been approved by the Mexican Supreme Court, which declared that all 31 states in Mexico must recognize same-sex marriages performed in Mexico City (the Federal District). That means that legally, same-sex ‘marriage’ is actually on a stronger footing in Mexico than in the U.S. (For now—liberal judges in the U.S. will no doubt eventually claim that the U.S. Constitution’s Article IV, Section I, the ‘Full Faith and Credit clause’, requires all states to accept some states’ ‘gay marriage’ laws.)"

Yes—MOST of our appellate courts here in the USA have majorities of judges/justices who are INTELLIGENT and FAIR enough to be social liberals. So they SHOULD very soon accomplish that.

Wall: "When I was teaching [in Mexico] some years ago, a group of    students asked me my views on the topic. (They brought it up, not   me). When I said I didn't believe in gay marriage, a student declared   that I was homophobic."

And unless you were smarter than you are now, he was RIGHT!

Wall: “In fact, at the time of this writing, I'm in Mexico on a summer visit.

“That's how I wound up seeing my first Gay Pride Parade and Festival—‘Marcha Orgullo Gay’ in Spanish. In fact, it was the big, 33rd annual Marcha Orgullo Gay of Mexico City."

Wow!! After 33 years, Mexico is almost FREE of the infestation of homophobic bigotry. Just goes to show that it PAYS to be persistent when fighting for LIBERTY!

Wall: "[People in Mexico] don’t want to be called "homophobic"

No doubt. Since MOST people know that such losers SOON will be social PARIAHS, where they aren't already so. No sensible person wants to be associated with a lowlife BIGOT.

Wall: "Yes, I know VDARE.com has gay readers"

But you are STUPID enough to INSULT them anyway. Tsk!

Wall: " ...the forces pushing the radical gay agenda"

LIE #3—There is NOTHING "radical" about ENDING hateful discrimination

Wall: "Seriously — is any compromise possible with these people?"

No. Unless you think it would have been really NEAT for fair-minded people to have "compromised" with the bigots called "Nazis" during WW II. THEY were hateful losers who didn't give a rat's ass about civil & human rights and personal liberties, too

Or if you prefer a less extreme, but nevertheless still LOATHSOME example, how about fair-minded people "compromising" with the SEGREGATIONISTS?

There is NO valid reason to oppose 100%-HARMLESS Marriage Equality. And the egalitarians who support it should NEVER make any "compromises" with bigots like you. No compromise is possible with HATE-mongers

James Fulford writes: I don't think it's necessary to refute any of this. However, I thought I'd use it as an example of WHY VDARE.COM DOESN’T BOTHER WITH A COMMENT THREAD. Because they tend to attract posts like this.

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