A Fourth Generation Serviceman Says Yes, This Is His Country
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Steve Sailer's  post The Eternal Struggle Against 1955: “America … You Don’t Own It.”

From: Spirit of the Fighting 69th [Email Him]

When it comes to cultural understanding and the importance of true community to the American nation, Open Borders Adam Ozimek [Email him] is truly a stranger bereft of any comprehension.[In A Free Society , You Don ’t Own Your Neighborhood Or Country by Adam Ozimek, January 18, 2015]

My country, like my neighborhood and my house, is mine. Just as I get to say who can come into my house, I can say who comes into my country, especially when four generations of my family (I'm number 4) have fought this country's wars and paid the taxes.

Neither I, nor my forbears  (including the illiterate Irish sailor in Mr. Lincoln's navy) risked our lives to turn our country over to Mexico City, the Moslems, Peking, or any other groups of foreigners or to the infantile Marxists who want to destroy Christian, white, English-speaking America.

I have witnessed the destruction of my old neighborhood, my village as it were, by the influx of foreigners who would never have been let in under the old law and whose habits are deleterious to its traditional existence. Immigration and a city government hostile to small homeowners, and small business and now foreign landlords are forcing the expulsion of the old population. Housing set aside for the elderly of the neighborhood is filled with Chinese and Russians, so much for government compassion for Americans.

Neither American whites, blacks, or red Indians voted to make ourselves a minority in this country to satisfy a pack of totalitarian "multicultural" credit card "progressives" whose intellectual foundation is more suited to the steppes of Asia than the great Anglo-Saxon republic.

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