A Former Floridian Says "Source Code" Takes Hollywood's Reverse-Racial-Profiling Terrorist Propaganda to Preposterous New Heights
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Re: Source Code

From: "Fled From Florida" [Email him]]

What can one say about "Source Code?" It's kind of like combining Minority Report, The Matrix and Groundhog Day, then adding a touch of Jack Bauer series absurdity—all squeezed into a 100 minute, or so, movie.

The hero characters are the typical politically correct tripe—although slightly more comical. We have a not-so-noble handicapped Negro who is, however, a brilliant genius at "parabolic calculus" and invented the Source Code; a high-ranking female military officer who treats the whole terrorist situation sort of like an AT&T cell phone service call gone awkward and; the generic Afghan-Iraqi-Pakistani near-invincible war hero who can do everything but fly helicopters. Keep in mind this is the one thing he was apparently trained to do.

There is a tribute in the movie to the many victims of mistaken Islamic racial profiling, and it should come as no surprise that the terrorist-villain is the mythical, snarky, young, white male who wants to nuke Chicago to get back at the US government for some unmentioned reason (the casing for his doomsday weapon is painted in stars and stripes. No, really it is). He's intelligent enough to wire an incredibly complex nuclear "dirty bomb", but apparently can't figure out a way to hide his identity. Curious.

I see in this film the propagandistic lauding of real-world "conspiracy and intent" laws which are most assuredly the precursor to full-blown "pre-crime" laws. And I'd bet all the Starbucks coffee in Chicago that the "pre-crime" laws will be applied disproportionately to hate crimes.

So just like the movie reveals about the "Source Code"—we ain't talking about no one-trick pony!

"Fled From Florida" writes that he lived in Florida from 2000-2009 and was forced out by an unfortunate combination of the economic collapse, illegal alien takeovers, and the super high cost of living—especially housing. See "Fled From Florida"s previous emails.

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