A Former Floridian Gives Yahoo Blog Credit For Reporting Race; We Disagree
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Re: Good Samaritans come to aid of Pirates catcher during road rage incident

From: "Fled From Florida"(Email him)

Credit should be given to the Yahoo Sports Blog for properly identifying the attacker of the MLB's Pittsburgh Pirates' star catcher, Chris Snyder (who is white himself):

"Placed on the disabled list with a herniated disk last week, the 30-year-old just underwent a back surgery that has severely limited his movement.

"The procedure was so recent, in fact, that it prevented him from helping his wife Carla as she was attacked during a road rage incident in Pittsburgh on Wednesday.

"Talk about a tough spot to be in: Carla was driving Chris and their two children in a car in Pittsburgh when she almost collided with a man on a motor scooter. Police later identified that man as 44-year-old Subhash Arjanbhi Modhwadia."

[Good Samaritans come to aid of Pirates catcher during road rage incident, June 16, 2011]

The article goes on to describe how the attacker, most likely of Middle Eastern descent of course, followed them to a gas station, blocked their escape and damaged the vehicle before being subdued by an off-duty cop and an off-duty fire fighter. 

The comment thread that this item sparked, ranging from untactful to informative to comical, show that the American people remain very aware of what's happening in this country despite the nonstop Politically Correct propaganda from the MainStream Media.

"Fled From Florida" writes that he lived in Florida from 2000-2009 and was forced out by an unfortunate combination of the economic collapse, illegal alien takeovers, and the super-high cost of living—especially housing: "I actually planned my escape in 2007, and consider myself lucky I was able to get out with no complications. When I moved to Florida in 2000, everybody was trying to get in— when I left, everybody was trying to get out!" See other letters from him.

James Fulford writes: We're always glad to hear about these things from our readers. However, we think "Fled From Florida" is wrong to credit the Yahoo Sports Blog. Neither the blog itself nor the linked news stories hint at an attack committed by any of the following

  • An immigrant

  • An East India

  • A Hindu

  • A person of color

If Chris Snyder had not had a disabling back injury and had punched Mr. Modhwadia, injuring him, we would have heard about all of that. (Snyder is 6'4', and weighs 240.)

The only reason we know anything is due to Subhash Arjanbhi Modhwadia himself, who comes from the Land Of The Funny Names, (in this case probably Gujarat, in India) and refused to change his name for the convenience of English speakers.

So our reader is the victim of an optical illusion—the MSM is still not reporting race, although as long as they report names, we can deduce.

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