A Former Border Patrolman Reminds Us Del Rio Isn't The Only Weak Spot—Rio Grande Valley Still Releasing 1K Illegal Aliens A Day!
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From: A Former Border Patrol Agent [Email him]

I talked to my friends down on the southern border a few days ago. One was busy processing Venezuelans and Nicaraguans for release into the United States. With all the media focused solely on the Del Rio Bridge, it's easy to forget that the rest of the border is also being overrun. Del Rio is just one spot.

My other friend said that they have been using Title 42 to send some of the people back, but that it does no good. With no punishment, they are catching the very same ones again the next day. The aliens just keep trying till they make it through.

Most Agents are still tied up doing paperwork to release the aliens, and they are also having to feed the aliens, find bedding for them, etc.... The Rio Grande Valley is still releasing about 1,000 illegal aliens a day into the United States.

My first friend says it has slowed a little bit, so, it might be just under a thousand, but one never knows when it will uptick again.

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