A Florida Reader Says Pelosi Should Be Attacked For Employing Illegals
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From: Mike

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Nancy Pelosi—Illegal Alien Employer?

I can picture DeNuncio's commercial in my mind.

First, DeNunzio runs ads showing Congressman Nancy Pelosi's illegal immigration report card that features her F- rating.

Next come video clips that include quotes of some of the radical immigration stuff she's said over the years.

Then it will show Pelosi parroting Mexican President Vicente Fox.

After Fox says something absurd about " migratory accords," then segue to Pelosi using the same language.

If the Democrats can make an issue of former Congressman Mark Foley, this type of aggressive ad by Republicans exposing Pelosi as an illegal alien enabler is the perfect counter.

Mike works in the transportation industry.

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