A Florida Reader Says If The Treason Lobby Has Lost Chris Matthews….
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Re: John Derbyshire’s blog post Ann Coulter Ticketed By Language Police For Saying “Mandarins”

From:  Delmar Jackson [Email him]

I am so happy John Derbyshire brought to attention the clip of Ann Coulter on Chris Matthew's show.

I happened to catch it the night it aired and was struck by how sane Matthews was on immigration that evening. It was almost as if he had been listening to Pat Buchanan. Chris repeatedly referred to the fact the Democrats seem completely unwilling to pass or enforce any legislation that would actually help solve the problem of illegal immigration. He was not impressed by Joy Reid's tired lies about Obama being a bigger deporter than Bush. More importantly, Chris also committed the sin of telling the truth by accidentally calling the Trump attendees "Americans" and the people outside the "protesters", which pleased Coulter tremendously.

I know Ann's use and defense of the word “Mandarin” was important as to not let our opponents control the linguistic landscape, but I thought it was even more important to see how the immigration landscape is shifting by the comments of Matthews.

Even Matthews knows Joy Reid babbling about massive deportations by Obama is no different from the late Baghdad Bob raving about the victories of Saddam.

To paraphrase what LBJ said about the loss of Walter Cronkite’s support during the Vietnam war, if our open border globalist weasel opponents have lost Chris Matthews, they have lost any hope of replacing the country.

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