A Florida Reader Reports On The Costs Of Diversity An ELS School In Florida
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From: Florida Observer [Email him]

a4s_eckerd092714_13935357_8col[1]Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, has for 40 years hosted foreign students in an ELS language program. Thousands have enjoyed the Florida sunshine while they hone their English. However, the ultra liberal Tampa Bay Times announced that bad behavior by foreigners has forced them (Eckerd)to no longer allow on- campus housing for ELS  men. [Eckerd College no longer allows male ELS students to live on campus and imposed an 8 p.m. curfew on all ELS students, by Andrew Meecham, September 26, 2014]

The change of policy was based upon a "tumultuous" August during which alleged sexual assaults took place as well as inappropriate episodes involving catcalls and alcohol abuse. Since sexual assaults are routinely underreported or even hidden by campus officials across America, it is likely that Eckerd is not new to such experiences.

It is surely progress when the notorious Times publishes this kind of story on the front page for their September 27 edition. The Times usually extols diversity at every chance but at least one time they coughed up the real truth.

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