A Florida Reader Laments The Zimmerman Prosecution's Chilling Effect On Neighborhood Watches
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Re: John Derbyshire’s  The Zimmerman Prosecution: A Blow To Citizenship

From: Delmar Jackson [e-mail him]

With all the finger pointing going on in the Zimmerman trial, I was happy to see John Derbyshire, perhaps alone amongst all other news people and pundits, bring up the dampening effect this will have on community watches.

This is a major point no one has brought up. It is a tragedy Trayvon Martin died, but no one speaks up for the death of communities and civic involvement overrun by thugs.

People scream that if Zimmerman had stayed in his car this would never had happened. Well, if young wannabe thugs had stopped robbing and assaulting Zimmerman’s neighbors, there would have been no crime watch for Zimmerman to join.

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