A Dubuque Reader On Iowans and Stephen Bloom's Iowa Bashing Piece In The Atlantic
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Re: Tom Piatak's article The War On Christmas After Ten Years

From:  The Dubuque Observer (e-mail him)

Tom Piatak seems to think well of Iowans in his article on the War on Christmas, but we are responding to Stephen Bloom's article with our usual pithy and earthy humor and observations. [See Observations From 20 Years of Iowa Life, The Atlantic, December 9, 2011, Corrected Online Version] Letters to local newspapers have included sentiments of satirical self-mockery and feeling sorry for (yes, that's right) for Mr. Bloom. [Email Stephen G . Bloom]

The Internet and all the social media have been fired up with responses. Even residents of the neighboring states of Wisconsin and Illinois have come to our defense. Mr. Bloom might have done Iowans a secret favor by writing what he referred to as "satire" in getting us stirred up and not taking this spot of Western civilization for granted anymore—and not giving a hoot what the Ruling Class thinks.

Happy Christmas!

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