A Donor Makes A Request Which We Think We've Already Complied With
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Re: Our Latest Appeal

From: An Anonymous Reader (And Donor!)[Email him]

As a long-time donor, I ask a favor of you which will require that you or someone on your staff break a taboo.

Label the hatemongers correctly, they are not "anti-racists" they are anti-white.  If you notice it is only white countries and white nations who are ordered to dissolve themselves, hence the logic of the term "anti-white."

Thanks—do so and I will find it gratifying and useful to contribute

James Fulford writes: Google says we have used the term "anti-racists" 26 times, and the term "anti-racist" 149, mostly in quotations, and frequently in quotation marks, i. E. You Can't Make This Stuff Up, etc: "Anti-Racists" Say Lord of the Rings too ""Eurocentric"

The term "anti-white" appears 582 times, frequently in headlines written by us, because it's the point of the story. So I believe it can be fairly said that we're already complying with this reader's wishes. 

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