A Doctor in Italy Reports Immigration Problems In Her Country
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From: Rosa Roccaforte, M.D. (e-mail her)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: On Memorial Day: A Look Into My Family Scrapbook

I'd like to thank Guzzardi for his column defining the concept of "immigrant".

I'm an Italian, living in Milan, but coming from Sardinia. My father was from Sicily. So I can be considered a sort of "internal" immigrant—that is a person who moved from one part of Italy to another that is a more economically and socially developed area.

I appreciate how Guzzardi spoke of his family and its devotion to America. It's well known that many Italian immigrants felt outraged when Italy sided with the Axis during World War II. They fought loyally for their new country.

Here in Italy, we are worried about the continued arrival of foreign-born, both legal and illegal.

When Italy's politically correct—yes, we have them—say that "we too were immigrants", they overlook that we emigrated to Northern Europe, Canada, North and South America as well as Australia when it was legal.

We were white, Christian and eager to assimilate. And some Italians returned home when things improved in Italy, when they retired or when they did not realize their "American dream".

Sadly, as in the U.S. we are losing our own War on Christmas. In our primary and elementary schools the Holy Cross vanished several years ago; "Gesù Bambino" does not arrive any more for Christmas, and children do not study Nativity poems as we once traditionally did.

Instead children read poems about "peace and social justice". Teachers forget that, had Jesus not come, we may never have considered peace and social justice as highest moral values.

In addition to her medical degree, Roccaforte also holds a MS in Health Research Methodology that she earned at a Canadian university. She adds honeymooned in California 12 years ago and had a " wonderful time".

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