A Displaced American Worker Says There Aren't Jobs White Americans Won't Do, There Are Employers Who Won't Hire Them
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From: A Displaced American Worker [Email him]

I hear so much rhetoric about how immigrants do the jobs that Americans, especially whites, will not do.

I just turned 39 today and for as long as I have been old enough to pay attention, I have seen one after another of my working-class family(especially the males) broken and driven out of industries they used to work in such as construction and landscaping.

Recently, my younger brother who is 34 years old and has been desperately seeking work for months in Sacramento, CA, received an interview at a local restaurant for a position in the kitchen staff.

He told me that the manager liked him and told him that he would love to hire him based on his years of experience in the restaurant industry, but alas, the manager was afraid that he just, "wouldn't fit in here." He told me that almost every place he visits is run using almost exclusively Hispanic workers and immigrants. They should cut the pretense and just post the signs: Whites Need Not Apply.

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