A Disgusted Illinois Voter Votes Early Without ID—They Don't Want To See It!
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From: A Suburban Chicago Voter [Email him]

Having just voted today, by way of early voting, I couldn't have been more dumbfounded. As an Illinois Paleoconservative I pretty much know I'm screwed at the polls but it's a kick in the teeth when you get there. To vote all you do is tell them your name and address number. When I reached for my wallet the lady actually hastily said "No, no, no, I don't need to see ID".

She had me sign a piece of paper and then said “It looks like your driver's license signature still. “

I asked her if all she did was compare the signature on the screen in front of her and the one I just signed? She affirmed this. Now that's an unbeatable system! God Bless Illinois politics! [VDARE.com note: This does nothing to prevent any illegal with a drivers license from voting. Illegals are granted drivers licenses in Illinois.]

Then I come across the “yes or no selections” for voters. The one that upset me so was titled "Voter's Rights". The question was should people of all groups be able to vote? So far so good. But this is Illinois—so read on, voter.

Should all people be able to vote no matter their race, color, ethnicity—so far,so good—then their “status as a member of a language minority, national origin,” ending with “religion, sex, sexual orientation or income.”

Do you like how they stuck the stuff about “language minority"—which means inability to speak English—and “national origin" in the middle?

The things you might expect could lead to illegal immigrants or "amnestied" immigrants voting here in "Incorruptible" Illinois!

No doubt most people just hit yes and missed it completely.

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