A Defense Contractor Reports Layoffs That Affect Only Americans
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Re: A Department Of Defense Insider Reports Who ISN'T Being Furloughed: H1-B Visa Holders!

From: A Defense Worker [Email him]

The sequester and other program cuts are going into effect in the defense industry.The furlough is down to 11 days but will likely still happen.

General Dynamics Corporation, a major defense contractor, is laying off approx 300 software engineers.[General Dynamics to lay off 110 in Saco By Whit Richardson, BDN Maine,April 11, 2013]

We don't exactly have foreigners working these technical defense programs...

James Fulford writes: Yesterday, a reader reported that Obama's sequester would not affect foreigners working for the Defense Language Institute, This reader is reporting on a layoff that seems designed to only affect Americans.

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