A Dallas Reader Tries To Educate A Liberal Columnist
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06/18/11 - A Reader Lauds The Patriotic Porn Star Who Brought Down A Pro-Immigration Congressman (Pictures Attached Are In Good Taste)

Re: James Fulford's blog Shock Horror: Texas State Senator Asks An Activist Who Has Been In The US Since 1988 Why He's Not Testifying In English

From: Gerald Martin (e-mail him)

Here's a letter I just sent the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram about the Bud Kennedy column you linked at the VDARE blog. Bud Kennedy [Email him]is a nasty (and rather ignorant) little fellow who tried (and failed) to prevent Jared Taylor from speaking at UT-Arlington a few years ago. (See below.) He wrote several columns expressing outrage that an evil white supremacist like Taylor was allowed to speak on a college campus, trying to demonstrate that the college Republicans were denying their own abolitionist and pro-Civil Rights traditions, and "racializing political discourse," by inviting him. I think I shut him up for a while when the Star-Telegram published my rebuttal pointing out that Republican electoral success for the past 40 years had been based on the Southern Strategy, in which the G.O.P. successfully (albeit cynically and faithlessly) courted the votes of Southern whites by exploiting their well-grounded fears of racial integration—especially in schools—which surely made "racializing political discourse" a Republican tradition itself.

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James Fulford writes: We're printing the whole letter to the editor, because we don't expect the Star-Telegram to do so. Links were added by us.

From: gerald martin <[email protected]>

To: [email protected]

Sent: Fri, June 17, 2011 8:43:57 PM

Subject: Bud Kennedy's column of June 16th: "Immigration opponent is blind to Texas demographics"

In his June 16th column, Bud Kennedy accuses Tea-party activist Rebecca Forest of racism for saying that Hispanic legislators are blocking a bill which attempts to do what the Federal government refuses to do—enforce the law against illegal immigration, and for (apparently) saying to an Anglo audience (Oh my!) that the increase in Latino numbers in Texas—largely due to both legal and illegal immigration—can be reversed.

Just how is either statement racist? Are they not both true? Hispanic legislators and activists wish to increase the number of Latino immigrants (and votes and political power) in this state. That is clear from what they say (very often to Latino audiences) and what they do. Is that racist? Or is it only racist when Anglos say they oppose such increases? Don't both groups have the right to advocate their positions without being smeared by the R-word?

Bud Kennedy has a record of opposing freedom of speech for white people who refuse to apologize to non-whites and instead dare to point out the high levels of crime and other social pathologies amongst blacks and Latinos. He tried to get UT-Arlington to block its college Republicans from inviting Jared Taylor—a pro-white activist—from debating Chicano activist & professor Jose Angel Gutierrez several years ago. (Gutierrez has publically called for the death of whites to clear the way for Hispanicization, but Kennedy condemned only Taylor for his supposedly racist views.)

One more thing. Kennedy smugly cites a state demographer who has said, "It's basically over for Anglos in Texas." Maybe. Maybe not. But there are plenty of us Anglos who oppose Hispanicization, and we will not allow Bud Kennedy or anyone else to shut us up.

Sincerely yours,

Gerald D. Martin

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