A CT Reader Says If Ted Kennedy Hadn't Cheated On His Spanish Exam, His Amnesties Efforts Might Have Succeeded
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From: Mike Sandlock (e-mail him)

Re: Kevin Lamb's Blog: Ted Kennedy's Legacy: Symbolism vs. Stark Realities

One of the many character flaws that the Mainstream Media ignored in its glowing Ted Kennedy obituaries was his expulsion from Harvard for cheating on a Spanish test.

Cheating is unforgivable, but to be so clumsy about it is unworthy of someone even as spoiled as Kennedy. Apparently, Kennedy thought he could get away with paying a fellow student to take the exam for him.

Maybe if Kennedy had studied Spanish harder, he might have been more successful achieving "comprehensive immigration reform" for the illegal alien community that he was so devoted to.

But as it was, Kennedy spoke Spanish worse than a first semester high school freshman. Listen for yourself here as he addresses Eddie "El Piolin" Sotel, one of the organizers of the huge but failed illegal alien marchers.

Notice that at the end when Kennedy returns to English, he promises, falsely as it turned out, that: "We will not let you down my friend."

Sandlock adds that he was born in a Spanish-speaking country that is not Mexico.

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