A Conservative Reader Reports An Attack On Phyllis Schlafly By The FEDERALIST's David Harsanyi
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From: An Anonymous Reagan Conservative [Email him]

Regarding your tweet Friday about Phyllis Schlafly endorsing Donald Trump.

While he’s not 23 years old, David Harsanyi of The Federalist took a shot at Mrs. Schlafly at the end of January as a result of her "unofficial" endorsement of Mr. Trump.

Harsanyi [Email him] wrote:

And when I refer to “Trumpkins,” I’m speaking about people who, whether they explicitly say so or not, view contemporary conservatism as a dead end. Either it’s because they’ve become frustrated by the perceived (and sometimes real) failures of its philosophy and politics, or because they’ve never really been enthralled with those ideas in the first place. Their instincts are nationalistic and protectionist, and their anxiety is primarily fueled by illegal immigration and trade.

Phyllis Schlafly, one-time proponent of limited-government, distilled Trump’s paleo-appeal like so: “If we don’t stop immigration — this torrent of immigrants coming in — we’re not going to be America anymore…” Who cares about low marginal tax rates if some freedom-hating foreigner is taking your job?

"What Happens If Trump Wins?" by David Harsanyi, The Federalist, Jan 27, 2016




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