A Connecticut Reader Challenges McCain’s Sob Story About Victimized Day Laborers
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Re: A Reader Wonders If McCain’s Tenderness Towards Illegals Extends To Those Illegals Charged With Rape

From: Joseph Morabito

In a July 19th interview with Bloomberg’s Al Hunt, Senator John McCain expressed concern for the plight of “undocumented immigrants when he said: "Do you know how some of these people are exploited? You know, pick up a guy on the corner and have him work all day, and then say, 'To heck with you, I'm not paying you. Call the cops if you don't like it.' I mean, they have no protections of our law and our society."

Really, John?

During a April 16th press interview with your fellow Gangbanger of 8 Senator Chuck Schumer on the then-pending Immigration Legislation [Senators Schumer and McCain on Immigration Legislation, C-SPAN Video, April 16, 2013] Schumer said the following (at timeframe 10:40): “I would just say in my corner in the world, I ride my bicycle around Brooklyn and I'll see people on street corners and some small construction guy will come over and say 'we'll give you twenty bucks a day to work eight hours no lunch break'. They say 'yes'. That lowers the cost of labor but there are Americans who would do those jobs for a little more pay and they're going to get that opportunity.”

Perhaps the old Maverick had faded-off or just wasn’t paying much attention when Chuck was talking at that point.

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