A Concerned Reader On Scott Brown’s New Hampshire Senatorial Ambitions
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 Re: Washington Watcher’s article  Could Scott Brown Be A Pete Wilson-Style RINO Immigration Patriot Presidential Candidate?

A Concerned Reader [Email him]

Scott Brown and former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith were not in congress to vote for the Kennedy or Rubio amnesty bills. Scott Brown voted no on the 2010 Dream Act.

Smith was primaried—partly over differences in environmental policy—in 2002 by John Sununu. I wonder if Smith is a conservationist when it comes to immigration.

Howie Carr, who is the best radio host in the Northeast, is a Brown supporter. He points out that Brown is probably more conservative than Kelly Ayotte on issues that matter. See Is it time for Senator Scott Brown in New Hampshire?, WRKO, January 17, 2014

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