A Christian Reader Says VDARE.COM Is Based On "Hate and Ignorance"
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12/13/09 - An Arizona Reader Is Dismayed That The Mexican Government Doesn't Want Its Citizens Back

From: James Everett (e-mail him)

You are sick and your concepts are irrelevant.

Since you have lost the mandate to lead, please get out of the way.

We need a strong Republican Party not a tired old party platform based on hate and ignorance.

Get out of my GOP!

May God open your heart and cleanse your spirit!

Everett describes himself as an "Evangelical Christian Conservative Republican".

Joe Guzzardi replies: Our reader is obviously under the impression that VDARE.COM is exclusively Republican in its political persuasion.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As Peter Brimelow has written countless times, we are a coalition. I am now a registered Independent, formerly a Democrat and in my early life, a Republican.

Don Collins and Brenda Walker are Democrats, Randall Burns a self-described progressive.

And our philosophy that illegal immigration must be stopped and a moratorium on legal immigration imposed to give unemployed Americans a chance is completely in keeping with mainstream thinking.

My Christmas wish: that God opens our reader's firmly shut mind.

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