A Canadian Reader Thinks Steve Sailer Needs To Brush Up On His Ethiopian History
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From: KPA

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: The George W. Bush-Prester John Alliance

I don't know what was the real point of Steve Sailer's blog on the American/Ethiopian alliance to "invade" Somalia.

Sailer's historical analysis of Ethiopia's political relations with Europe ends with an obscure quote from an Ethiopian King with what seem like anti-Semitic words: "we might tear out and cast forth the evil Moors, Jews, and heathens from [our] countries."

Any European king can be found in some record or other to have uttered an "anti-Semitic" phrase. Also the letter that Sailer quotes from was carried by a Catholic priest to a Catholic country with no repercussions other than Portugal eventually helped Ethiopia rid itself of the biggest Muslim scourge in her history around the 16th century.

Also, if Sailer studied a bit more Ethiopian history, he would know that Ethiopian Jews had lived peacefully for centuries in the rural areas. Their adamant insistence to be taken to Israel occurred during the peak Marxist military rule when everyone suffered and not when the Emperors were reigning.

The history of Islam in Ethiopia is such that during the 16th century, the Muslims (actually, the self-proclaimed leader was a Somali) dared to destroy the country in a spectacular Jihad.

This is the context from which the "invasion" is taking place. It is actually a centuries-old retaliation against a strong Muslim presence that would have no qualms about annihilating Ethiopia and Christianity.

Europe and America would do well to learn from this history.

Sailer responds: I was making the point that current American strategy is a continuation of the ancient Western dream of linking up with Prester John, leader of Abyssinia, to open a two-front war against the Musselmen. This appeals deeply to the antiquarian in me.

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