A Canadian Reader Says "Reaching Out" Doesn't Mean Translating Into Twenty-Five Languages
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From:  Deepinder Gill [e-mail him]

Although I often disagree with some of the commentary and opinions posted on your website — especially as it relates to the "white nationalism" articulated by the late Sam Francis and Jared Taylor and the pro-Bush Administration articles of Michelle Malkin — I nevertheless believe that VDARE.COM is an erudite site that is intelligently questioning and challenging mass immigration, multiculturalism, multilingualism and the political correctness that currently runs amok. 

I live in the Peel region of southern Ontario. Recently, I noticed a local news story that carries some significance for your readers.

On Wednesday, September 7th, the Peel District School Board launched a new website to " reach out" to its " ethnically diverse audience."

About 50 percent of new students at Peel schools speak a language other than English at home. The Board received $75,000 in government funding toward the site.

To access the non-English version, parents would go to the regular web address, and then add a forward slash and the language. See here for Hindi, for example. [ "Peel School Board Launches New Website," Craig MacBride, The Mississauga News, September 2, 2006]

Wouldn't it be better and easier for the school board to "reach out" by helping immigrants learn English? What better way to help parents participate in their children's education? 

Like the conversion of several branches of the Denver library system into bilingual libraries (as outlined in the excerpt from Tom Tancredo's book that was posted on VDARE.Com on August 31st), Peel's approach is a foolish scheme that further balkanizes already dangerously divided societies. 

As the mass immigration policies of both Canada and the United States promote the large-scale introduction of people from areas of the world with little or no English communication and radically alien ideological, religious and socio-cultural backgrounds (and I state this honestly as a non-white myself), public institutions should dedicate themselves to assimilation and not political correctness and further alienation.

For readers interested in making their opinions known to the Peel District School Board, they can do so by emailing Brian Woodland here.

Gill is an insurance industry professional and a long time VDARE.COM reader.

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