A Canadian Reader Says Jobs For Whites Are Vanishing North Of The Border, Too
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12/10/07 - A New York Reader, Boston Native Tells What "A Group Of Hispanic Males" Really Means

From: Gordon Turner

Re: Harold Rice's Letter: A New York Reader Says Good Luck To White Job Seekers

As a follow-up to Rice's letter referring to "happy job applicant photos", depicting few, if any white males, the same curious situation exists here in Canada.

Government pamphlets containing photo layouts and placed in public libraries prominently display minorities near the front and center of a group setting despite the fact that Canada's majority white population is 86 percent.

An Ontario Provincial Police Department career site shows a well-defined bias against white males while the minorities receive what I call "top billing".

The Toronto Police recruitment website is, however, generously added token white guy in its photo…but he's old enough for retirement. The white females have their backs to the camera, while symbolically genuflecting towards the black child or hugging a minority. Another white woman has her face blurred out.

And here's another story posted on the Internet over two years ago about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who had an unwritten policy of not hiring white males. Thus the R.C.M.P. was having difficulty recruiting qualified applicants.

Turner writes that he joined the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force in the late 1960s when comparatively low crime rates were the norm...long before mass Third World immigration began to change the dynamics of that once-great city.

Continuing, Turner adds that he then worked for the Ontario Provincial Police, equivalent to our state police, before entering the private sector.

Since his retirement, Turner spends his time getting a "real education" on the Internet.

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