A Californian Traveling In The UAE Wants To Read VDARE.COM But Can't
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02/11/08 - A CA Reader Says Europeans Consider Immigration Their "Biggest Problem"—Except At The Anne Frank House

Re: Today's Letter: A Reader Can't Access VDARE.COM From The Muslim World

From: William Constable (e-mail him)

Like your correspondent from a year ago, I am in Dubai and tried to log on to VDARE.COM for a read. 

A blocking message popped up saying that the website is "not appropriate" for "the cultural, political, religious and moral values of the United Arab Emirates."

Last year's letter writer made the same observation but he failed to mention that also deemed inappropriate, I suppose for similar reasons, is Michelle Malkin's blog.

Nor did your reader note that apparently acceptable to the Muslim world (since I could access them) are the overtly racist sites for La Raza, the Mexica Movement and La Voz de Aztlan

I guess the UAE perceives itself as so morally superior to the west that our views don't deserve to be heard.

On the other hand, if the UAE is reading VDARE.COM closely enough that it feels compelled to censor it, then you are obviously having an impact worldwide.

Constable is an airline pilot living in Southern California and a registered member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. His previous letter wonder why the ACLU isn't defending border patrol agents Jose Ramos and Ignacio Campeon is here

And this is James Fulford's comment from a year ago regarding the original letter: "The UAE has only one internet provider, which makes censorship easy, and there's not a lot we can do about their censorship policies, short of invading them and imposing democracy and civil rights, an exercise that many people consider more trouble than it's worth. But there is a place that's supposed to already have democracy, civil rights, and freedom of speech and that's the USA. We've had a lot of trouble with internet filtering trying to silence us, and we appeal to our readers to report any instance of VDARE.com being blocked by some stupid program installed in your computer—once we know it's happening, our lawyers can deal with it."

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