A California Refugee Remembers How The Golden State Used To Be…And Nearly Cries
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From: "Happier in Texas" (e-mail her)

When I read my letter posted last month about being "squeezed out" of California by illegal aliens, it got me to thinking.

My father passed away 15 years ago but my mother is remarried and lives near Ontario in Southern California.  We speak about the immigration problem a great deal.  Mom is upset about the aliens taking over and said that if she wasn't so old and set in her ways, she would also leave California because she no longer recognizes it.

I have an old section of an orange crate from Visalia in my office, most likely at least 50 years old, which has an image of beautiful ripe oranges in the foreground, with a valley stretching for miles full of fruit trees and lovely snow-capped mountains in the background.

This is how I prefer to remember California—as something long ago in a dream somewhere, a place of beauty and peace, overflowing with fruits and vegetables to share with the world. 

But if I think about the old California too long, I may cry.

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