A California Reader Thinks Congressman Tom Tancredo's Mother Should Be Investigated
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From:  Al Salas [e-mail him]

Re: A Florida Reader Doubts If Senator Mel Martinez's Mother, A U.S. Resident For Forty Years, Speaks English

What does Tancredo's mother speak? Maybe Sicilian?  

Someone should investigate, the same type of idiot that thinks this makes any kind of difference.

Joe Guzzardi comments: This letter is typical of what we run into in an immigration reform argument. The subject at hand is Florida Senator Mel Martinez and his non-English speaking mother.

The reason we're curious is because the Cuban-born Martinez promises in his Hagel-Martinez bill that amnestied aliens will learn English. But Martinez's own mother, with comfortable finances and easy access to learning, has not bothered even though she has lived in the U.S. for forty years,

Therefore, why should we believe Martinez?

But instead of focusing on my very reasonable question, Salas wants to talk about Tancredo and his mother.

So pursuant to Salas's request, the "idiot" in question—me—did "investigate."

According to a spokesman in Tancredo's Washington D.C. office Adeline Tancredo, who died last year, was completely fluent in English.

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