A California Reader Says The Problem Is Trump U. Judge Is A Mexican NATIONALIST
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Re: Pat Buchanan’s The Donald & The La Raza Judge

From: Mark Mallarde [Email him]

Even Pat Buchanan misses the threshold issue on Trump's comments about Judge Curiel.  "Mexican" is a nationality, not a race.  This guy is white.  He could be from 100-percent German stock for all we know.  He could be Donald Trump's distant cousin.  When will stupid Americans realize that Mexico has multiple races just like the U.S.?

Trump's real objection—I believe—is that Judge Curiel might be a Mexican nationalist.  If one is a Mexican nationalist, he would favor the free migration of Mexico's poor into the U.S. and resent any effort by a U.S. politician to hinder this free migration.

This might not be a basis to remove a judge from a case, but it has nothing to do with race.  How can it when the judge clearly is white?

James Fulford writes: Judge Curiel may be of purely Spanish descent, like Marco Rubio.(I.E. white.) Mexico's white population includes a number of non-Spanish whites, of Armenian, Polish, Lebanese, and German ancestry. One person who could be Trump's distant cousin is ex-Presidente Vicente Fox, whose  grandfather was a German-American named Fuchs (which is the kind of name that you sort of have to change.)

But Fox/Fuchs is as loyal a Mexican patriot as Trump is an American patriot, so he hates Trump.

What kind of patriot is Judge Curiel?


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