A California Reader Says That In California, Even The GOP Is Post-American
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From: Angie Saxon [Email her]

A Latina, an Asian immigrant, a gay man and a straight White male walk out of a California convention…

An un-PC joke? No. The newly elected California Republican Party (CRP) leadership? BINGO.

000000jessicaWhen the swamp gas cleared at last weekend’s CRP convention, RINO insider Jessica Millan Patterson—“a Latina!”—became the party’s “First Woman Chair!”  trouncing conservative firebrand Travis Allen. Or, as Mother Jones (February 26, 2019) reports: “Trump Just Lost Another Election in California.”  “Mexican-American!” Patterson (left) has long associated with never-Trumper Republican “moderates”—and worse—including Meg Whitman, Kevin McCarthy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. Her political ideology is nebulous and when asked if she’d invite Trump to campaign for California Republicans, Chair Patterson mumbled: “We’ll have to see how it works.”

Joining Patterson are CRP Vice-Chair “Taiwanese-born immigrant!” Peter Kuo and “openly gay!” Treasurer Gregory Gandrud.

Straight White married (to a woman) male Randy Berholtz, elected Secretary, is MIA from most media coverage as RINOs and MSM celebrate quotes by folks like convention delegate Cassandra Pye (left) former consultant to Gov. cassandraSchwarzenegger’s administration, who told the Los Angeles Times, “We’ve been a party that’s essentially got a face that is primarily white and male and old…It’s time we turn the party over to another generation and to some folks that look more like the rest of California.” (Pye & pals must have forgotten the Republican’s “Big Tent” movement 20+ years back that quickly became a Circus Tent without elephants.)

Begs the question: Will Whites need to apply face paint to slip into future CRP events?

How did Patterson get 54% of the delegate votes to populist conservative Travis Allen’s 31% and political commentator Steve Frank’s 15%? Some point to Patterson’s  organization California Trailblazers deep pockets which reportedly spent more than $150,000 to paying off campaign debts and cover convention costs in exchange for delegates’ votes. An 11th-hour hit piece targeting Allen hurt. But some Allen activists blame Frank for staying in a race he was clearly losing, then wasting valuable convention hours negotiating a hollow agreement to transfer delegates to Travis Allen on the second ballot…which never came.

Election integrity supporters ask why individually assigned, hand-held Wi-Fi devices rather than auditable paper ballots were used in this contentious election.

What now? A formalized alliance of Frank’s and Allen’s conservative supporters could create a strong movement within—or outside of—California’s Republican Party. Or conservative Republican may simply #WalkAway.


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