A California Reader Notes FBI Leaks To Al Jazeera—Because The MSM Won't Report Hispanic Corruption
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

How corrupt is the US Department of Justice? So corrupt that the FBI is "leaking" news to Al Jazeera.

Calderon refused to wear recording device in FBI probe, Al Jazeera, November 14, 2013

The California state senator alleges that federal officials leaked sealed affidavit to Al Jazeera in retaliation

Why is the FBI leaking news to Al Jazeera?

Because the LA Times, LA Daily News, the Sacrament Bee, and NY Times weren't interested in publicizing "that" news (which is about corrupt Hispanic politicians.) See Los Angeles Times Withheld Information, Facts on Central Basin Water Scheme Involving Calderon, Speaker Perez, and Villaraigosa, By Brian Hews and Randy Economy, loscerritosnews.net, November 22, 2013

The MSM's "news agenda", and the Justice Dept's "agenda," is other than news and justice.

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