A California Reader Calls Guzzardi's Kennedy Obituary "Despicable"; Joe Replies
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From:  Nelson Roberts (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: In Memoriam Senator Edward M. Kennedy: Joe's Early Obituary

I agree with many things that Guzzardi writes about illegal immigration and its depredations on California.

However, what he's written about Ted Kennedy is despicable.

Furthermore, he's culled every stray junk accusation thrown by every reader of VDARE.COM and assembled it in one place. Spite is not argument. This is beneath you.

For me personally this is a loss because I can never read Guzzardi's columns again without the bile of this piece rising in my mouth.

Joe Guzzardi answers: In various ways our readers expressed their opinions that Kennedy's immigration advocacy has been harmful to the U.S. They also felt that Kennedy's personal behavior has been, at many times, ignoble.

I've asked Roberts to simply tell me where our readers are wrong. Perhaps Roberts is one of the many Americans that I referred to who is willing to forgive Kennedy despite his numerous hurtful flaws.

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