A California Native Mourns His Pre-Immigration Golden State
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From: Peter Potter: (e-mail him)

Re: Steve Sailer's Blog: Samuel Eliot Morison Uses An Exclamation Point

My heart broke when I read Steve Sailer's quote from Samuel Eliot Morison about the California I grew up in: "The future Golden State, with forests of giant pines and sequoias, broad valleys suited for wheat and narrow vales where the vine flourishes, extensive grazing grounds, mountains abounding in superb scenery and mineral wealth..."

Sailer is correct that California's national image was at its highest around 1964 and that jet travel played a significant role in its growth. 

So did the Beach Boys, who, through American Bandstand, made California America's most romanticized state.

But sadly, because of the 1965 Immigration Act, California soon started on its irreversible decline into the alien-dominated, multicultural pit that it is today.

Potter's previous letters about California State Senator and gubernatorial aspirant Abel Maldonado are here and here.

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