A CA Reader Says Media Coverage Of Richmond High School Rape Requires "Barf Bags"
December 12, 2009, 04:00 AM
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From: Angie Saxon: (e-mail her)

Re: James Fulford`s Blog: Victim In Richmond, CA Minority Gang Rape Is White; Black Columnist Asks What`s Race Got To Do With It

Mary Carey, a criminal lawyer (contact information here) defending Jose Carlos Montano the 18-year-old charged with raping a white Richmond High School girl, called her client "sensitive" [Rape Victim: Violence Always The Wrong Choice, by Kevin Fagan and Henry Lee, San Francisco Chronicle, November 4, 2009]

In view of the case`s brutal details, Carey`s claim is outrageous.

But why would the San Francisco Chronicle play it up—except to generate sympathy for the perpetrator? Just because Carey said it doesn`t mean it has to be given this treatment. (Ask reporters Kevin Fagan [Email Him] and Henry K. Lee [Email Him].)

Barf bags all around for this story.

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