A Black Talk Show Host Reacts To The Census...
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From:  Christopher Cline

After reviewing the new 2000 Census data, I realized that the Hispanic Americans have overtaken African Americans, which I found quite alarming.

I was listening to a black talk show host out here in Columbus, Ohio this morning. [3/7/01] His name is Tom Pope. I have listened to him repeatedly over this past year and never agree with him. Today, however, he was, along with his listeners, discussing the new problem facing the black community: the fact that they are not the number one minority anymore. His callers were outraged and were talking about the Mexicans coming over here in vast numbers, taking jobs at much lower pay.

They were also talking about the massive numbers of illegals coming into this country. This maybe the beginning of African Americans in this country becoming vastly anti-immigration. I thought this may help the cause. This would certainly deflect any racial attacks that the anti-immigration people, like us, encounter on a daily basis.

Keep up the good work!

March 08, 2001

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