A Baltimore Reader Catches Hoover's Richard Epstein Claiming That DREAMers "Study, Teach, And Work" At Major Research Universities
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From: No Name In Baltimore [Email him]

Interesting item to note just how innocent the approved legacy experts believe Trump's irredeemable deplorables are:

Richard A. Epstein [Tweet him] writes

"... Ending DACA, for example, poses a massive threat to the research and teaching programs of major research universities, where many Dreamers study, teach, and work." "... By allowing for driver’s licenses, Social Security, and employment, it reduces the (very small) risk that DACA recipients will become a burden to society."

The Way Forward On DACA, Hoover Institution, Defining Ideas Journal, September 11, 2017, l

Not become "a burden to society" outside of their overlapping burden to date of education, health care, nutrition, free range criminality, and on and on.

James Fulford writes: Most so-called DREAMers aren't involved in studying, teaching, and working at major research universities—large numbers are high-school dropouts—but to the extent that any of them do, it's a form of corruption. Either they're working illegally, or they're studying on some kind of "instate tuition" plus grant, plus Affirmative Action scam. That may provide a net profit to the university by increasing its headcount, but it's at the expense of the taxpayer.


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