Article By Michelle Malkin on 03/27/2014

A Whole Lotta Democratic Corruption Going On (By Mostly Minority Pols)

[ Note: Michelle Malkin isn't responsible for the second half of the title above, or our decision to run photographs of all the accused pols. Rather than tell you which of them are minorities,...
Post By Henry Eustace McCulloch on 03/03/2014

Obama Regime Re-Engineering The Military's Past With Retroactive Affirmative Action Medals Of Honor

Not content to re-engineer the U.S. armed forces in the present, the Obama Regime—known to some as America's Minority Occupation Government—is re-engineering the military's past as well.  In this insta...
Post By James Fulford on 02/28/2014

Two Instapundit Stories That Would Have Been Clearer With The Word "Black"

Two Instapundit posts (here and here)21ST CENTURY RACISM: CNN’s Don Lemon: “You Weigh How Much You Should Criticize The President Because He’s Black.”CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: California Dems block expu...
Article By Nicholas Stix on 02/25/2014

Obama Wages Racial Socialist War on White-Owned Corporations, Taxpayers

President Obama’s Minority Occupation Government is shaking down companies around the country because of trumped up charges of “racism.” What’s worse, white taxpayers are financially subsidizing their ...
Article By James Fulford on 12/11/2013

The Fulford File | James Taranto, The IRS, And The Minority Occupation Government

In The Press and the IRS | Journalistic partisanship fed the scandal, September 19, 2013, the WSJ's James Taranto provides pointers to the  Main Strem Media "dogwhistles" that may have led the IRS to t...
Post By James Fulford on 11/21/2013

Minority Occupation Turbas In America: Eric Cantor's Apartment Building Stormed By Mob

Eric Cantor is one of the most pro-immigrant, pro-amnesty Republicans going, but despite that, he's being subjected to a turba at his home:Pro-immigration protesters storm Eric Cantor's condo, promise ...
Post By Federale on 11/14/2013

Obamacare Foulup: Minority Occupation Government (Asian Branch) Not So Competent After All?

The greatest technological failure of the American government since the disastrous fire on board Apollo 1 was given to us by a series of Asian failures in (of all things) computer technology.You would ...
Post By James Fulford on 10/18/2013

New DHS Head Jeh Johnson And Obama's New Minority Elite

The answer to Mark Krikorian's question is, surprisingly, Liberia. Jeh Johnson is not a Liberian-American or an Americo-Liberian, he's a member of the old school "mulatto elite". He's a graduate of Mo...
Post By James Fulford on 07/15/2013

Minority Occupation Turbas In America: DOJ Ginning Up Anti-Zimmerman Mobs

Saw this on Twitter yesterday, meant to post on it, but blogging from a mobile device doesn't work very well: WTF? On tape, US Dept of Justice official urges "action" against Zimmerman
Post By James Fulford on 06/16/2013

Minority Occupation Turbas In America: Kris Kobach's House Mobbed By DREAMERS

Via Instapundit: I’LL BET HE WISHES HE HAD A FENCE: Open borders mob descends on home of Kansas Secretary of State. “In a scene reminiscent of the SEIU’s siege of a Bank of America executive’s home in...