Post By Allan Wall on 01/23/2013

Rep. Charlie Rangel On Gun Control: "Some of the Southern Areas Have Cultures That We Have to Overcome"

Representative Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) was interviewed on MSNBC on gun control, by anchor Thomas Roberts, and here's what he had to say:[ROBERTS] - "If you’re proud of what New York has done, obviousl...
Article By James Fulford on 01/22/2013

Gun Control—Like Immigration Law, Enforced Only Against Those Who Obey It

 [This is adapted from an address by James Fulford to the First Webinar on January 19 2013. We hope to make recordings available shortly. For information when available, email
Post By Federale on 01/22/2013

New Responsibilities For ICE “Special Victims Unit”: School Shootings And Gun Control—But Still No Immigration Enforcement

Janet Napolitano has decided that the Department of Homeland Security will not just be America's Special Victims Unit.  Deciding to further ignore customs and immigration law enforcement and not conten...
Post By James Fulford on 01/16/2013

Obama's Gun Control Proposals Live From The White House

Obama's Gun Control Proposals are streaming live from the White House. Last night Michelle Malkin wrote  that Instead of standing alone, bearing full responsibility for the imperial actions he is abou...
Post By A.W. Morgan on 01/16/2013

Uh-Oh—Media Matters Upset With Ann Coulter Over The Color Of Gun Crime

Ann Coulter let the cat out of the bag on crime, and Media Matters ain't happy about it: Ann Coulter: "If You Compare White Populations, We Have The Same Murder Rate As Belgium""So perhaps it's not a ...
Letter By Reader on 01/15/2013

A California Reader Asks “Is Gun Control Racist?”

From: Steve Smith [Email him] Now that America is getting so diverse, why suddenly the push for gun control? Is the new "diverse America" not to be trusted? What about the tens of millions of "Latinos"...
Post By James Fulford on 01/10/2013

The New York Times Finds A Gun Owner It Can Sympathize With—A Convicted Burglar!

The WSJ's James Taranto on Twitter: It's convicted burglar and "armed career criminal" Matthew Robert Descamps of Pennsylvania: Editorial: When Burglary Is Not Burglary, January 9, 2013. The New York ...
Post By Steve Sailer on 01/07/2013

Finally ...Somone At The NYT Doesn't Want To Make The US More Like Colombia

The New York Times quotes an expert: “It’s shocking to hear anyone in the United States considering a solution that would make it seem more like Colombia.” Similarly, In Guatemala, riding a public b...
Post By James Fulford on 01/07/2013

OJ And Gun Control

Kathy Shaidle headlines this photo Affirmative action in action!, writing "Imagine if a white conservative did this on tv. But we’re the “morons”…"     Here's what made Leo Terrell cover his ears "Han...
Article By Washington Watcher on 12/26/2012

Deport Piers Morgan—Along With About 8 Million Hispanic Immigrants?

In the wake of British journalist Piers Morgan’s over-the-top rants (even by MainStream Media standards) rants in favor of gun control after the Newtown tragedy, over 60,000 Americans have signed a pet...