What The Man Behind The Curtain Wants For America
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"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" is the famous quote from the wizard in the movie classic, The Wizard Of Oz. However, when it comes to national and international affairs, many, if not most, Americans seem to have taken the mythical wizard's advice. They seem oblivious to the man behind the curtain. And make no mistake about it: there is a man (or group of men) behind the curtain.

The American people seem mesmerized by the smoke and mirrors of the political and media elite. For the most part, the people of this country seem totally unaware that while the global elite who run this country passionately promote the "war on terrorism," those same elite are also violently attacking the liberties of the heartland. While they create a gargantuan Department of Homeland Security for our "protection," they are using that very same department to eviscerate the constitutional protections of our republic. While they insist that we are dependent upon oil from Saudi Arabia, they are ignoring giant oil and natural gas discoveries located under the frozen tundra of our 49th State (and other places). The elite have brilliantly turned the drumbeats of war against Islamofascism into a giant smokescreen to hide their insidious plans to wage a different kind of war against the American people.

The war against the American people is waged on a hundred fronts and with a hundred agendas. But one word seems to best describe the heart of the strategy. And that word is FEAR. The problem is, the man behind the curtain has misdirected people's fears.

The American people are continually besieged with the imminent threat of what little, pipsqueak, piss-ant countries such as Iraq and Iran pose to the safety and security of America.

Hogwash! Iraq was never an imminent threat to these United States and George W. Bush and rest of his globalist neocons always knew it. Neither is Iran an imminent threat to America. And the Bushkies know this too.

Iran does not even have the capability of inflicting serious damage upon Israel, much less the United States. It has a ragtag army. No navy. No air force. No nuclear weapons. No really sophisticated weapons of any kind. Oh, they harbor several thousand fanatical sand people who live in caves and who huddle together in antiquated forts. They carry AK-47's, and some short-range shoulder-fired missile launchers. Yet, the Bush propagandists have conservatives worked up into a frenzy, all prepared to support a nuclear attack against Tehran.

Believe me, if Israel thought that Iran was a serious threat to its security, it has the ability to take that country further back into the Stone Age than it already is.

Beyond that, if Bush believes that we are truly fighting a war against terrorists in Iraq, why does he give $20 billion worth of military weaponry to Saudi Arabia? Have you ever seen or even heard of a Saudi army? How about a Saudi navy? A Saudi air force? You haven't heard of it? Neither has anyone else.

What we do hear from former CIA insiders is that much of any military hardware shipped to Saudi Arabia often winds up in the hands of Muslim terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda. In addition, readers are aware that many, if not most, of the al-Qaeda insurgents that are shooting and killing our soldiers and Marines in Iraq do not come from Iraq—they come from Saudi Arabia! So much for Bush's "war on terrorism."

What the globalists behind the curtain are doing is using the "war on terrorism" to distract the American people from the war they are waging—against us!

How else can one explain the fact that, while the neocons are waving the war flag against a schizophrenic but impotent Iran, they totally ignore the very real threat posed by the People's Republic of China. If the American people want an enemy to be concerned about, China, not Iran, is the place to look.

But do not ask Defense Secretary Robert Gates whether we should be concerned about Red China. He recently said, "I don't consider China an enemy." Pray tell, is Gates entirely stupid or just unbelievably naïve? Or, is he trying to deliberately deceive us?

Besides the commonly reported foibles of Red China selling the United States tainted food, poisoned toys, and crappy automobile tires, not to mention all the junk Americans are forced to buy (produced with slave labor, no less), the Communist nation is also known to be sending hordes of spies into our country. They are using a multi-billion dollar trade surplus with the United States to build a modern army and navy. In fact, they have developed a very sophisticated submarine fleet capable of delivering nuclear missiles (including some with multiple warheads) anywhere in the world. They routinely track our submarines and use satellite technology to track our troop movements.

And speaking of satellites, when is the last time you heard any notable media personality or government spokesman acknowledge the fact that Red China is now even using advanced weaponry to shoot satellites out of the sky? In fact, experts predict that by 2010 China will be able to knock out most of our satellites in low-earth orbit. You mean the man behind the curtain did not tell you that? I wonder why?

Plus, do not lose sight of the fact that China's growing military is underwritten by American corporations along with the political establishment within both major parties. It is American technology, American materials, and American wealth that is enabling Red China to create a very sophisticated and menacing global threat. But, again, the man behind the curtain does not want you to know that.

Instead, the man behind the curtain—along with his water boys Giuliani, Romney, Huckabee, McCain and members of the media—are facilitating Red China's usage of the Panama Canal and the new NAFTA superhighway to allow China to increase its foothold in the government and commercial markets of the U.S. And don't overlook the fact that the communist country is not only buying up vast amounts of the U.S. debt, it is buying up vast amounts of private debt. And we hear nary a peep from the man behind the curtain.

The other thing the man behind the curtain does not want us to see is the impact that the forever war is having upon our economy. America is being pushed to the brink of recession, maybe even depression. The chief culprit of our economic woes is excessive federal spending. And the biggest hole into which all this deficit spending is being dumped into is none other than the forever wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nearly $1 trillion dollars has already been spent or is in the process of being spent, and conservative estimates of an additional $1 trillion will be spent to fight this forever war in the near future.

In addition, Bush's oil buddies have successfully manipulated the economy to the point that Americans are paying over $3 a gallon for regular gasoline. Diesel is running even higher than that. (Gas was $1.25 a gallon when G.W. Bush became President.) And economists are predicting that gasoline will rise to over $4 a gallon in the very near future.

At the same time, however, it is very likely that we discovered enough oil and natural gas reserves beneath the surface of Alaska (and other places) to supply all the oil and natural gas needs of the United States for the next 200-300 years. But, guess what? Not only are we not bothering to drill for these resources, our government and oil industry moguls will not even acknowledge that such resources exist. Once again, the old wizard creates his smoke and mirrors and implores us to ignore that man behind the curtain.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just scratched the surface. But the bottom line is this: we have been had! Furthermore, the only Presidential candidate who understands any of this is Congressman Ron Paul. But don't expect any of our media or political elite to get behind Mr. Paul. Why? The man behind the curtain doesn't like Ron Paul, and that is putting it mildly. He knows that Ron Paul threatens the global elites' Machiavellian plans more than any other single political figure today. This disdain for Dr. Paul does not apply to other Republicans, of course.

The truth is, if the man behind the curtain has his way, he would much prefer an establishment Republican to be elected this November. Oh, don't get me wrong: neither Hillary nor Obama will provide much resistance to the globalist goons that are hiding behind the curtain. It is just that when a liberal Democrat is in the White House, conservatives and Christians seem to come out of hibernation and actually start resisting some things. But when a Republican is in the White House, the little goblins behind the curtain are free to wage their war of globalism and elitism against an unsuspecting and sleepy electorate.

Therefore, it does not matter to a tinker's dam whether it is Giuliani, McCain, Huckabee, or Romney who wins the election this November. The man behind the curtain will still produce his smoke and mirrors and create more fear and panic over any and every convenient distraction in the hopes that the Munchkins will not wake up in time to realize that the one who needs to be feared (and fought) is none other than the man behind the curtain.

Dr. Chuck Baldwin is the pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. He hosts a weekly radio show. His website is here.

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