War Against Christmas 2004 Competition [XIII]: Now The New York Times!
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December 19, 2004

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All This Establishment Attention Is Worrying! [A Reader]

After Charles Krauthammer's recent generous and gracious column objecting to suppression of Christmas, comes an equally amazing event—a major New York Times article (Does Christmas Need To Be Saved, by Kate Zernike, December 19, 2004) discussing the matter in a reasonably even-handed and even sympathetic way:

"…demands to bring back Christmas are not simply part of an age-old culture war, with the A.C.L.U. in one corner and evangelicals in the other. There is also a more moderate force, asking whether the country has gone too far… Why, they ask, must a Christmas tree become a holiday tree?... even many liberals say there is silliness in the way schools in particular try to avoid offending anyone…"

It even names a website devoted to defending Christmas—no, not VDARE.com!

All this marks a huge change from 2000 when VDARE.COM launched its first competition. One can see why the anti-Christmas forces are becoming so angry.

And yet…is this too easy?  Is it possible your 2001 correspondent was right in suspecting such signs as the NRO retreat from its virtually complete suppression of Christmas the previous year, like the revival of religious symbols in WW2 Soviet Union, had to do with sustaining a military effort?

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