"W" = Wimp
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Well, now we know what the "W" really stands for - wimp.  Dubyah's craven letter to Cardinal O'Connor is a fascinating and unmistakable indicator of how a Bush Restoration would handle the politics of the noise-makers - to adapt Tom Sowell's description of the various Offense Okhranas that are out there eager to intimidate any weak politician who steps out of line.  Dubyah would capitulate to them – just as his father did when he threw the LA cops acquitted of beating Rodney King to the Civil Rights wolves (double jeopardy? That a new quiz show?)

VDARE's dream Dubyah response:

"My brother is a Catholic convert and he is married to a Catholic. No-one can honestly link me with anti-Catholicism, and Senator McCain should be ashamed for trying.  But I have news for him and his friends in the cultural hegemony: fundamentalist Protestants have rights too.  As long as they stay within the law, they are a legitimate American constituency and political leaders have a right, and indeed an obligation, to address them.  Does Senator McCain propose to isolate and insult Mormons? Muslims? Hasidic Jews?  Does he not know what their beliefs are about their fellow-Americans?  We agree, as Americans, to put these questions aside when we meet in the public square of the Constitution.  President Clinton is notoriously promoting legislation against "hate crimes," i.e. an action that is already a crime but happen to be committed against a member of a politically-favored  groups.  Does Senator McCain want to include Thought Crimes?"

Of course, no-one at VDARE is going to be President.  But neither (probably) is Dubyah.  And we haven't spent $60 million.

One last thought about Dubyah's letter.  Cardinal O'Connor is gravely ill – perhaps near death.  Yet Dubyah's letter includes no reference, good wish, thought or prayer.  It's self-absorbed to the point of solipsism.

VDARE'S advice to Bob Jones University: praise the Lord and keep your podium ready.  If and when Dubyah ever needs your help again, he'll be back.

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