VDARE.com: 05/31/05 - South Park Conservatives: Is This New Anti-Left Trend Right?(last para), by Gavin McInnes
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South Park Conservatives: Is This New Anti-Left Trend Right?

"We're dicks!" he says, "We're reckless, arrogant, stupid dicks. And the Film Actors Guild are pussies. And Kim Jong Il is an *sshole. Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get f*cked by dicks. But dicks also f*ck *ssholes: *ssholes that just want to sh*t on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with *ssholes their way. But the only thing that can f*ck an *sshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they f*ck too much or f*ck when it isn't appropriate - and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of sh*t that they become *ssholes themselves... because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don't know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don't let us f*ck this *sshole, we're going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in sh*t!?"

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