VDARE.com: 05/20/03 - Diplomatic Security Service Memo
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Published on VDARE.com on May 20, 2003

Return To: Illegal Alien Makes Monkey Out Of Transport Security Administration

Diplomatic Security Service

Dallas Resident Office
1100 Commerce Street, Suite 762
Dallas, Texas  75242


DATE: February 28, 2003

TO: Randy Steen, Resident Agent in Charge — Dallas
      Ed McGrath, Joint Terrorism Task Force (FBI – IT1 – Dallas)

FROM: Richard P. Higbie, Special Agent – Dallas

SUBJECT:  M-2003-00172 (Case overview)

On February 22, 2003, Reporting Agent (RA) was contacted by the United States Secret Service – Dallas Division via the DS Command Center in reference to found "DSS – Special Agent" credentials.


The credentials were retrieved by USSS SA James Hedrick at a business called Sara Lasier 3699 McKinney Ave Suite 310, Dallas TX 75204 in downtown Dallas.  Apparently, the subject was at the clothing store on February 16, 2003 and dropped a black wallet on a chair in the dressing room.  Contained in the wallet was a metal badge bearing "DSS Special Agent" with the official seal of the United States of America in the center and a law enforcement credential.  The credential or police identification also contained the official seal of the United States of America with the words "security seal" surrounding the emblem in the lower right corner of the picture of the SUBJECT.  The identification displayed the agency name as "DSS – Dignitary Security Service, Special Agent" issued to a Marcello Benati based in Chicago, IL listed as a "Advance Team / Profiler Lead" under ID Number 16-999-216-0.

Found in the credential/identification pocket was a business card for United Airlines Customer Service Supervisor Malcomb Rego based in Miami, Florida.


The credentials and badge are clearly counterfeit and violate Title 18 SEC 912 (Impersonating a officer of the United States); Title 18 SEC 1028 Fraud (Counterfeit United States Identification document).

RA was able to contact United Airlines employee Malcomb Rego and present him with a photograph of BENATI.  M. Rego positively identified BENATI and explained that he presented his credentials as a federal agent and requested M. Rego's assistance in boarding an American Airlines flight instead of a United Airlines flight because he was in a hurry to get to pick up a dignitary in Washington D.C.  BENATI was also traveling with an unknown white male that produced the same type of law enforcement credentials.  Both men were traveling armed as indicated by M. Rego. 

TECS (Treasury Enforcement Communications Systems) Records indicate SUBJECT was in Miami on 09/02/02 and requested his itinerary be altered to a different airline.  These records are consistent with M. Rego's explanation of his contact with SUBJECT, however M Rego believes he was in Miami as recent as one month ago. Sworn Statements will need to be obtained and are pending from M. Rego.  The above facts described by Rego are in violation of United States Code, Title 49 SEC 46505 Carrying a weapon or explosive on an aircraft. 

Pending investigation will determine if violations of Title 18 SEC 1546 and applicable Immigration laws exist.  DRO contacted the U.S. Embassy in Brazil and initial indications exist to believe that one of the Brazilian passports was issued as a diplomatic passport.  RSO Brazil has requested all passport applications from the government of Brazil for further investigation.

Several record checks have been completed and have revealed the following:


DRO located several records identifying SUBJECT as Marcello Jose Falkenburg BENATI born on JAN 10 1968 in Brazil.  SUBJECT has been issued three different U.S. Visas.  Two of the visa issuances were in Canada and one was mailed into the Department in Washington D.C.  Two of the visas were H1B class issuances (for work purposes) and the third was a border crossing card/Tourist Visa.  All of the available pictures found in the Nonimmigrant Visa system were compared to the picture found in the credentials.  The picture comparison identified the two pictures to be the same person.  SUBJECT's social security number is 324-96-4071

Immigration Status

SUBJECT appears to be an overstay on a work visa according to available Immigration and Naturalization records, however, he is married to a women believed to be a USC.  It is then likely that SUBJECT will or has petitioned for a legal permanent resident status.

Address / Financial Status

SUBJECT owns a home in Chicago, Illinois at 4025 W. Warwick Avenue valued at $571,500.00 with a loan of requested $57,150.00.  Registered at the same address are the following vehicles:  1994 Toyota Camry (IL-S73409); 1993 Lexus SC400 (IL – PMD232); 1974 Jaguar (IL – MHT227); SUBJECT's previous address of 1801 W. Larchmont Avenue, Unit 503 Chicago, Illinois 60641, lists the most recent vehicle registration for BENATI to be a 1997 Mercedes Benz E320 (IL – OGMIOS).  No employment information has been obtained, however, on listed on his visa applications were two companies (Marchfirst and Whittman Hart, Inc).  Further investigation into these two companies is pending.  IRS-CID in Dallas has also been contacted and is conducting a preliminary inquiry into the SUBJECT's financial background.  

Criminal History / FBI records

No criminal history or FBI records have been located pertaining to this subject.

Action pending

Credit reports and historical data have been requested via a Dallas County Court Order that will also flag his SSN account within credit bureaus to assist in locating his whereabouts.

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